Have you seen one of the episodes in Futurama (futuristic cartoons for adults) where Professor Farnsworth, Fry, and Bender (three main characters in the cartoon series) travel to the future in a time machine and manage to see whole future till the universe ends? While drinking their beer, Fry asks Professor Farnsworth,

“Fry: Hey, uh…what was the purpose of life anyway? 

Professor: Who knows? Probably some hogwash about the human spirit.” 

Of course, it is just a cartoon and their idea about the universe is silly and to make people laugh. Somehow, I can agree that most of us dealing with this question

What is the purpose of life and what are we doing? 

Though we have answered this question in different forms and it depends on what people want to believe in their life. And actually, most of the answers are very comforting. For instance, the religion which helps to fill the voidness of this question since one has something to hold on. Or the system of the country, where the direction of life is defined. There are more examples like that. 

In my observation, I also see people who face struggle finding meaning in all of this. They start questioning their ideas and different beliefs and then they end up in nowhere. Listening to the basics instructions which mostly are, 

  • Get a job 
  • Be compassionate 
  • Follow the religion 
  • Follow the rules 
  • Get a partner 
  • Make a career, etc 

Sound pretty right since it gives directions and defines the purpose of life. But people who can do things in a ‘right way’ in society, most of them are pretty happy. People who were not able to do things in a ‘right way’ are pretty much a mess and struggling (It depends). I call it a glitch in humans who probably have trouble following simple directions since they questioned their whole life or they were not given equal opportunities. And there could be any other reason.

I am not here to school you about this since I am not an expert or philosopher. I just want to share my observation and wants to know your ideas. 

I am no writer, I am just a social media marketer who knows how to sell and advertise. I am a Pakistani who lives in Sweden and doing different activities to make my career. This is my first blog post which is probably a bit weird because here you can find the quirkiest content ever. The purpose to be here is to learn to express me better by sharing my thought patterns. I hope to become a guide for myself because my ‘known’ purpose is to empower myself and maybe you. I want to make best out of my life and find lagom which means balance. 

I don’t know how many days have we on this planet. I just hope not to make a hogwash of human spirit

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